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        TC-T220A Optimization plan to improve customer processing experience for Korean customer

        07, 2020

        by tianchen01

        TC-T220A Optimization plan to improve customer processing experience for Korean customer Check the following link for fiber laser cutting machine details : TC-T220A: http://rrd.me/g75jv Check the following link for this case details : http://rrd.me/g7WeB Chinese most stable cutting machine , with the following advantages : 1. The automatic feeding and unloading device comprises a Auto feeding device and a unloading feeding device. T220A automatic feeding device is controlled by the CNC control system, which is seamlessly connected with the pipe cutting machine to realize uninter rupted production. Automatic feeding of whole bundle of pipes, intelligent layout of pipes by control system, automatic conveying process. 2. The unique supporting device keeps contact with the pipe surface when the pipe is fed and rotated. The supporting force is set according to the pipe specification to ensure effective support, prevent the pipe from sagging, reduce the axis swing when the pipe rotates, and improve the machining accuracy. 3. It uses the gear transmission chuck to hold the design and can adjust the center automatically, the operation is also very simple. The machining diameter is between 20-200mm.The cutting precision of the product is up to 0.01mm, which can greatly improve the work efficiency. 4. The automatic focusing laser head has a built-in motor drive unit that automatically drive the focusing mirror to change it's position through a linear mechanism to complete the rapid perforation of the thick plate and automatically cut different thicknesses plates and materials. Contact us to get the price directly : Our website: www.weight-loss-tips4u.com

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