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        High power laser cutting machine

        07, 2020

        by tianchen01

        The high power laser cutting machine for metal cutting The protective fiber laser cutting machine adopts a fully enclosed laser protective cover, double motoring system, chain-type parallel exchange platform, professional CNC cutting system. This provides users with a strong cutting capacity and increased productivity. Full closed protection improves using security; laser protection glass protect human beings from laser radiation; environment friendly; intelligent monitoring system reduces accident rate, making us enjoy beauty and health in cutting process.It used trussed loading and unloading full closed fiber laser cutting machine. A powerful laser, a stable processing process, and an excellent cutting effect, creating every finished goods.TC laser, reliable quality! Check the following link for more details : TC-F : http://rrd.me/g5Q3X TC-H : http://rrd.me/g5Q6e TC-P : http://rrd.me/g5Q8b TC-P3015BA : http://rrd.me/g5QBE TC-P3015LA : http://rrd.me/g5QEs TC-G : http://rrd.me/g5QHf TC-E : http://rrd.me/g5QKu TC-PLS-F1515 : http://rrd.me/g5QLE Contact us to get the price directly : Our website: www.weight-loss-tips4u.com

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