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        Fiber laser cutter with 1mm stainless steel

        07, 2020

        by Tianchen

        The power of the Tianchen laser fiber laser cutting machine can achieve the maximum power of 12000W and can be used for a variety of precision parts and machine panel cutting, punching, lettering and so on. The products processed by the fiber laser cutting machine have little influence on the cutting seam by heat and generally do not need secondary processing. Machine advantages : 1. Machine bed is welded with 12-16mm thick carbon structural steel dislocation honeycomb structure, machined after stress relief and annealing, then vibration-aging and natural aging treatment, so that the welding and machining stress can be completely eliminated, to ensure excellent rigidity and high precision of the bed, reducing the machining error caused by the vibration of the bed. 2. Laser head professional transmission system (linear guide rail, ball screw, sensor head), laser focus adjustment, combined with servo motor drive mechanism, through the automatic sensor to sense the distance of the surface of the metal being cut, and transmit the data to the drive controller;And the data is transmitted to the drive controller: the distance between the follow-up laser head and the cut surface can be kept constant automatically avoiding the cutting accuracy due to the unevenness of the metal surface, and avoiding damage the nozzle and other parts. 3. Independent R&D of forced cooling way, remove the dust for each processing area separately. Simple structure, good effect in sealing exhausting, low energy consumption, improve the dust removal effect in this area, workpiece much better, and also solved the environment pollution, and bring effective protection for operators and machine. Our fiber metal laser cutter are widely used in kitchen appliance, electrical control box, mechanical equipment, hardware and metal processing industries.Even the manufacture of rail vehicles, the famous building construction industry, and the manufacture of nautical and aviation tools are accompanied by Tianchen group machinerys. Check the following link for more model details : TC-F : http://rrd.me/g5Q3X TC-H : http://rrd.me/g5Q6e TC-P : http://rrd.me/g5Q8b TC-P3015BA : http://rrd.me/g5QBE TC-P3015LA : http://rrd.me/g5QEs TC-G : http://rrd.me/g5QHf TC-E : http://rrd.me/g5QKu TC-PLS-F1515 : http://rrd.me/g5QLE TC-FT : http://rrd.me/g6Asf TC-T220A: http://rrd.me/g75jv Contact us to get the price directly : Our website: www.weight-loss-tips4u.com Our Whatsapp number: +86 186 6891 0602
        Our email: marketing@tianchenlaser.com

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