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        Product description

        It adopts bus control, fast and efficient, and adopts rack drive and follow roller to ensure higher cutting accuracy. It can cut square pipe, round pipe, waist round pipe, oval pipe and some special-shaped pipes with cutting accuracy of 0.01mm. It is widely used in sports equipment, various pipes, water pipes, oil pipelines and other industries. And equipped with a semi-automatic feeding system, labor-saving, efficient and safe.

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        Model TC-T220SA
        Working Area 6m/9m/12m
        Laser Output Power 1000w - 4000w
        Effective Cutting Diameter 20-220mm

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        Product advantage

        Servo follower supporting device

        Servo follower supporting device

        More Details

        The unique supporting device keeps contact with the pipe surface when the pipe is fed and rotated. The supporting force is set according to the pipe specification to ensure effective support, prevent the pipe from sagging, reduce the axis swing when the pipe rotates, and improve the machining accuracy.

        Rack transmission, Pneumatic chuck

        More Details

        It uses the gear transmission chuck to hold the design and can adjust the center automatically, the operation is also very simple. The machining diameter is between 20-200mm.The cutting precision of the product is up to 0.01mm, which can greatly improve the work efficiency

        Pneumatic chuck  of fiber laser cutting machine
        Semi-automatic loading and unloading system

        Semi-automatic loading and unloading system

        More Details

        The system uses Tianchen's independent R & D PLC programming control to achieve continuous pipe cutting production. it is easy to oprerate, convenient and efficient. It can feed 8-15 round tubes at once, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

        Fron Feeding Device

        More Details

        It makes the operation more convenient and saves the material collecting time.

        Add small wheels at the bottom,convenient to take and place the pipe, and move to another side.

        Tube laser cutting machine,fiber laser cutting machine

        Technical Data

        mm inch
        Cutting Length 6m/9m/12m
        Cutting Diameter 20-220mm
        Laser Power 1000-4000W
        Maximum Rotating Speed 110RPM
        Positioning Accuracy ≤0.05mm

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        Product 3D display

        Features of the Professional Tube Laser Cutting Machine

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