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        Product description

        TC-PD series fiber laser cutting machine is a super-high power laser cutting machine independently developed by Tianchen. The machine is equipped with an imported transmission drive system, a new generation of hollow bed, aviation-grade extruded aluminum gantry, a new pneumatic control module, etc., adopts a new intelligent Bus Control system. It is equipped with a new advanced fiber laser source and cutting head, with superior overall performance and operation smart and convenient. Available laser power range is 12000W-20000W.

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        Model TC-P8025D
        Working Area 8000*2500mm
        Laser Output Power 6KW, 12KW, 20KW
        Max Moving Speed 160m/min

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        Product advantage

        Heavy-duty plate-weled hollow bed

        Heavy-duty plate-weled hollow bed

        More Details

        1. Heavy-duty plate-welded hollow bed, thick and stable, stable and reliable at high speed;

        2. Anti-burn design, small heating area, anti-burn effect, can achieve stable batch cutting thick plate;

        3. Intelligent valve partition dust removal system, super large diameter air outlet, so that there is nowhere to hide the smoke and dust;

        4. Automatic lubrication system covers all moving parts, eliminating tedious manual lubrication;

        5. High cutting quality, fast cutting speed, low failure rate and easy to maintain.

        High-power intelligent bus system

        More Details

        The machine adopts a new generation of FSCUT8000 bus control operating system, which is stable and reliable, simple to debug, safe in production, rich in functions, and excellent in performance. This greatly improves the efficiency and stability of high-power cutting.

        High-power intelligent bus system
        Segmented modular work table

        Segmented modular work table

        More Details

        1. Modular design, the blade holder can be disassembled, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement;

        2. The anti-burning plate protection of high-hardness cast iron can effectively prevent important parts of the countertop from being radiated by heat.

        3. One side of the table adopts a double-pipe superimposed welding structure, and a reinforced roller design, with a large bearing capacity, stable and anti-shake. 

        Automatic focusing cutting head

        More Details

        German Precitec high-power cutting head, automatic focus adjustment, suitable for a variety of focal lengths. Real-time status monitoring, intelligent safety warning, relying on advanced technology, stable and durable and worry-free.

        Automatic focusing cutting head
        Aviation-grade extruded aluminum gantry

        Aviation-grade extruded aluminum gantry

        More Details

        It adopts a gantry structure, a lightweight design, uses aerospace-grade extruded aluminum, and is finished after artificial aging and solution treatment. The gantry has excellent rigidity, surface quality, and integrity. It also has excellent dynamic performance and is conducive to high speed cutting.


        Stand-alone electric control cabinet

        More Details

        1. Strong and weak current separation, so that the unit from electromagnetic interference, increase the safety of use.

        2. Dust - proof cooling, increase the service life.

        3. It is independent of the machine for easy maintenance and inspection.

        4. The internal wire connection adopts the international connection standard, so that the customer is clear at a glance,

        convenient for maintenance and inspection.

        Stand-alone electric control cabinet
        High-precision imported transmission system

        High-precision imported transmission system

        More Details

        The transmission system parts of the machine are imported brands to ensure high stability, high running speed and high precision.

        Technical Data

        mm inch
        TC-P3015D TC-P6020D TC-P6025D TC-P8025D
        Working Area 3000*1500mm 6000*2000mm 6000*2500mm 8000*2500mm
        Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm ±0.05mm ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
        Repositioning Accuracy ±0.03mm ±0.03mm ±0.03mm ±0.03mm
        Max Moving Speed 160m/min 160m/min 160m/min 160m/min
        Laser Output Power 6KW, 12KW, 20KW 6KW, 12KW, 20KW 6KW, 12KW, 20KW 6KW, 12KW, 20KW

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