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        Product description

        Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine

        TC laser Desktop fiber laser marking machine is a professional machine for all kinds of metal marking. It has a very wide range of applications,it best suits small-sized, easy-to-move workpiece marking with logo, icon, QR code, bar code, regular and irregular flow number, etc. With the advanced third generation solid fiber laser generator, high-quality galvanometer, field lens, and industrial PC and software, it features stable output power, fast marking speed, fine marking effect, high efficiency, and maintenance-free.

        mm inch Looking for other machine sizes? Other products
        Minimum character 0.1mm
        Modulation frequency range 20kHz-80kHz
        Resolution 0.001mm
        Repeatability 0.003mm
        Model TC-F20
        Working Area 110x110mm
        Laser Output Power 20W
        Max Speed 7000mm/s

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        Product advantage

        Lift shaft

        Lift shaft

        More Details

        Adjust the marking height, precise and firm positioning

        Control switch

        More Details

        Open source control power supply, equipped with protective emergency stop switch

        fiber laser marking machine
        fiber laser marking machine

        High-speed scanning galvanometer

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        High scanning accuracy and sensitive response

        Integrated design

        More Details

        compact structure, small floor area;It is easy to move and place, especially for factories or families with limited area. It is very convenient.

        Integrated design

        Technical Data

        mm inch
        Laser source Fiber laser
        Laser wavelength 1064mm
        Average output power 20w
        Modulation frequency range 20kHz-80kHz
        Maximum straight-line speed 7000mm/s
        Resolution 0.001mm
        Repeat positioning accuracy 0.003mm
        Mark the range The focal length is 110x110mm optional in the 160mm range
        The minimum line width 0.01mm

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        Production samples

        Application of the Fiber Laser Marking Machine

        Features of the Fiber Laser Marking Machine

        Upgrades for the Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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