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        Product description

        These components load and unload your machine and separate finished parts from the scrap skeleton if necessary. You can also benefit from auxiliary pallet operation.

        mm inch Looking for other machine sizes? Other products
        loading and unloading size 3050*1525mm
        Maximum loading and unloading weight 300kg

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        Product advantage

        Automatic loading and unloading system

        Automatic loading and unloading system

        More Details

        The running support adopts a truss structure and is equipped with a manual sorting platform for finished products. The unique design of the suction cup feeding system and the comb fork feeding system improves the operating efficiency of the equipment. Equipped with a plate separation and thickness detection device, which improves the safety of the equipment.

        Intelligent software control

        More Details

        Tianchen independently developed PLC programming to provide high-quality and automated material management and transportation for the production process. Through the communication with the laser cutting machine, the production line can be automatically operated, making the work more efficient and the user safer.

        Intelligent software control

        Technical Data

        mm inch
        Loading and unloading frequency Once a minute (adjustable)
        loading and unloading size 3050*1525mm
        Maximum loading and unloading weight 300kg

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