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        Tianchen laser and mitsubishi Japan to create value for customer

        02, 2020

        by tianchen01

        Tianchen laser and mitsubishi Japan to create value for customer

        Tianchen Laser TC-P3015 model fiber laser cutting machine coming to Korea again.

        Many Korean customers have always been skeptical of Made in China.

        Customers worried Chinese machines to be untrustworthy and not durable.

        Many people know Mitsubishi's predecessor was a military industrial enterprise, and there were many industries under its group. Has always maintained excellent quality. Praised by customers. 


        Korean customers value machine quality, safety and after-sales service.

        Since the customer has purchased a Mitsubishi machine, the situation is quite good. So customers tend to buy machines from Japan again.

        Our sales engineer gets in touch with customer. We introduced the history of Tianchen Laser to our customer. We have 25 years of machine development & processing experience, and we have our own professional machining team, and the quality can be controlled.

        The customer was very interested and decided to come to China to inspect our machine. After seeing our product, the customer highly recognized the quality and product performance. We also let the customer understand the development of Chinese technology.


        Customer learn our good after-sales service guarantee through detailed talks with our company's technical engineers and by viewing our series of successful cases.

        Tianchen Laser has won the trust of customers with his solid strength, and the customers have chosen our company's products with great satisfaction.


        In this comparison with Mitsubishi, Tianchen Laser won the customer's final choice with strength.


        Full closed fiber laser cutting machine TC-P

        The protective fiber laser cutting machine adopts a fully enclosed laser protective cover,plate welding bed body,chain-type parallel exchage platform, professional CNC cutting system.This provides users with a strong cutting capacity and increased productivity.

        Laser power1000W-6000W(Optional)
        Working area(L*W)3000*1500mm4000*2000mm6000*2000mm6000*2500mm
        Max acceleration1.4G
        Max moving speed140m/min
        Position accuracy0.03mm
        Repeat positional accuracy0.02mm

        If you want to get the same machine,or a better one.Please contact us or leave a message to us quickly, we will let you enjoy this service as soon as possible !

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