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        TC-T220A Optimization plan to improve customer processing experience for Korean customer

        02, 2020

        by tianchen01

        TC-T220A Optimization plan to improve customer processing experience for Korean customer

        With the development of the world metal processing market, customers' processing requirements for metal pipes have gradually increased.

        The cutting requirements and difficulties for different types of pipes are becoming more and more serious, and professional laser pipe cutting machines have gradually become a necessity for mainstream metal processing enterprises.

        Due to the good quality and excellent machine performance of Tianchen Laser. After a period of use, the customer added new projects.

        Let's show you the whole process :

        Because we have worked with this customer, they are very satisfied with our laser machine, and because of previous purchase experience, the purchase is convenient and quick.

        The machine arrived on schedule and was shipped to the customer's factory.

        The customer's workshop is very clean, and the layout of the department is well organized.


        With the cooperation of our engineer and customer employees, the machine smoothly entered the workshop and was taken out of the container. Successfully completed the unloading work.


        Under the guidance of our engineer, the customer successfully unpacked the machine. The beautiful appearance of the machine is in sight.


        Our customer prepares the installation according to the detailed drawings provided by our engineer and the guidance of the field engineer. as the photo shows.



        After the installation preparations are completed, our engineer and customer work together to install the machine.


        The installation of the machine was completed, and Tianchen Laser's professional pipe cutting machine was displayed in front of us.


        Because the customer has the experience of using the equipment, the debugging is faster.


        After debugging and training, the machine works well.

        Our customer cuts the tube. Because the pipe cut by the customer is relatively small and the shape is special, our engineer will carry out the solution upgrade and optimization at the customer site based on the actual processing conditions of the customer.

        1) Improve processing efficiency, optimize drawings, co-edge cutting, etc. according to the cutting shape of the pipe. Optimize mechanical movement.

        2) The customer has high requirements on the material surface, adding special buffer materials to the customer, which protects the material surface when the material is dropped.

        3) Save cost for customers, install high-pressure air compressor and cold-dryer from nitrogen cutting to air cutting. The efficiency is unchanged, and the cost is greatly reduced.

        4) The feeding system is optimized, and auxiliary components are installed for small pipes to make the feeding more stable.


        The machine is under normal maintenance. It has been more than a month since the customer installed the new machine, asking the customer about the usage, checking the status of the machine, and performing routine maintenance on the machine.

        Please check the following video about Machine working condition in customer factory :



        Auto Feeding Tube & Pipe Laser Cutting Machine TC-T220A

        Cutting Length6m/9m/12m
        Cutting Diameter20-320mm
        Laser Power1000-4000W
        Maximum Rotating Speed100RPM
        Positioning Accuracy≤0.05mm

        If you want to get the same solution,or special one.Please contact us or leave a message to us quickly, we will let you enjoy this service as soon as possible !

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