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        Our fiber laser cutting machine has been favored by Indian customers

        03, 2020

        by tianchen01

        Our fiber laser cutting machine has been favored by Indian customers

        Nowadays,Economy and industrialization in India have been in a period of rapid growth. In today times, very people attracted to laser Cutting Machine , many new startups are happening in this field.Due to the small footprint of the laser cutting machine, low processing costs and many other advantages.Manufacturers are paying attention fiber laser cutting machines.A large number of people have begun to inquire and purchase such machines.

        If the work site is not a large space, the partition dust removal system of the laser machine is particularly important!

        What's the problem if the fiber machine without the partition dust removal system

        1. When cutting, there will have much smoke and dust, it is easy to adhere to the laser head, Z axis ball screw and rail and rack, so it will influence the cutting accuracy. And if the dust enter the laser head and adhere to the lens, it is easy burn the lens.

        2. When cutting, there will have much smoke and dust, it will influence the cutting surface. 

        3. With out of the partition dust removal system, after long time, there will have much scrap iron in the machine, influent the machine using life. 

        4. The large amount of smoke and dust will seriously affect the health of the operator.

        Tianchen Machine's engineers have long thought of this important issue.We independently developed the forced cooling method, remove the dust for each processing area separately. Simple structure, good effect in sealing exhausting, low energy consumption, improve the dust removal effect in this area, workpiece much better, and also solved the environment pollution, and bring effective protection for operators and machine.

        Please check the following video about Indian customers test the system on site:

        Laser Cutting Machines demand is increasingly growing , with the huge old customer base of plasma cutting and water jet cutting exiting customer shift to trends fiber laser cutting machine .

        Why Fiber Laser is Best than other type cutting machines : 

        1. Less consumables when the machine is working, low processing cost

        2. The relevant experience and technology are gradually mature.

        3. The fiber laser machine is simple to use and easier to adjust.

        4. High degree of automation and user friendly.

        5. Suitable for all kinds of graphics processing and various metal processing.

        6. Fiber laser cutting speed is relatively fast.

        7. Long machine life, high durability and strong stability.

        Our Indian customers are in the metal processing business. They buy more cautiously, worry about quality and compare prices.工廠.jpg

        They even went to China for field trips. In many comparisons, they chose us with the highest cost performance. As mentioned earlier, their workshop area is not large, so they are very concerned about whether the machine will produce a lot of smoke and whether it can be discharged in time to ensure the health of the workers and the cleanliness of the workshop.

        When the customer receives the machine, our engineer guides the customer to unload it safely.


        With some simple training, customers can already use it proficiently.


        Please check the below videos see how the machine shown on the customer's site:


        Best-seller Metal Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine TC-F

        The whole machine adopts 12-16mm plate welding bed, rack and gear drive-system, partition dusk removal system, and easy-to-learn Cypcut software. This machine cutting precision is up to 0.01mm, speed up to 140m/min, it is the best choice for 1kw-6kw users to manufacture economically. The machine mainly apply for stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, titanium and other metal sheet. 

        Working Area3000*1500mm4000*2000mm6000*2000mm6000*2500mm
        Positioning Accuracy±0.03mm±0.03mm±0.03mm±0.03mm
        Repositioning Accuracy±0.02mm±0.02mm±0.02mm±0.02mm
        Max Movement Speed140m/min140m/min140m/min140m/min
        Laser Power1000-6000W1000-6000W1000-6000W1000-6000W
        Working TableBlade Working TableBlade Working TableBlade Working TableBlade Working Table
        Max Acceleration1.4G1.4G1.4G1.4G

        If you want to get the same machine,or a better one.Please contact us or leave a message to us quickly, we will let you enjoy this service as soon as possible !

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