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        During the epidemic period, production safety and normal delivery

        02, 2020

        by tianchen01

        During the epidemic period, production safety and normal delivery

        Recently, the spread of new coronaviruses in China has become the focus of worldwide attention. 

        Nowadays , through government decision-making and the efforts of medical workers. The epidemic situation has been controlled in an orderly and effective manner, and the work of Tianchen Laser has begun in an orderly and comprehensive manner.

        Tianchen Laser, during the epidemic, safe production and normal delivery!

        Tianchen machines carry out disinfection, sanitation and epidemic prevention work on time in accordance with regulations. Strive to stifle the danger at its source.



        Today, we just shipped out one set of laser machine to Malaysia.

        We are happy to share this experience with you.

        1. Before shipment, we test the machine that has already been tested again. The final step is to do a rigorous inspection of the accuracy to ensure that it is correct.


        2. Machine is packed according to standards


        3. Our worker sterilize the container as a whole,Ensure that the machines received by customers are safe and virus-free.

        4. The container is disinfected and we are packing the machine.



        5. The machine was successfully shipped out of the factory and sent to the customer.


        Although the unexpected virus will be overshadowed by 2020, the moment when everything recovers will never be absent. Tianchen Laser Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park factory area has been fully resumed in the principle of epidemic prevention first, safety first, and reasonable production.

        Any questions and concerns please leave us a message directly below. We will reply you as soon as possible!

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