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        What is the Fiber Laser?

        06, 2019

        by Tianchen Laser

        Optical fiber laser is an ideal type of laser that can achieve small size, high efficiency, high reliability, high beam quality and high output by amplifying the light of specific wavelength in optical fiber

        1.Structure of optical fiber

        Fiber laser is a kind of solid laser with fiber as the amplification medium. A rare earth element Yb (ytterbium) was added to the core at the center of the fiber. The center has the highest refractive index. The fiber core with Yb is excited by a laser beam of 1.1 μm. The outside of the first coating by excitation light. There is a second coating on the outside. The coating is double, so it is called double coated fiber.


        2.Double - coated optical fiber beam transmission

        Figure 2 shows the structure of the double-coated fiber and the light intensity distribution of the beam transmission. The excitation light is fully reflected in the second coating (* note), while the Yb core is added and transmitted in the first coating. The laser is fully reflected in the first coating and passes through the Yb added core. Each time the fiber core is added through Yb, Yb is excited.(* note: total reflection: the phenomenon that the incident light does not pass through the interface and is completely reflected at the interface.)

        3.The basic structure of high output fiber laser optical path

        Figure 3 is the basic structure of the optical path of the high-output fiber laser. The light path is divided into three parts: (1) exciting part, (2) resonator part, (3) beam transmission part.

        (1) the exciting part is to use optical fiber to excited semiconductor laser (LD) laser transmission to excited photosynthesizer. The excited photosynthesizer assembles the excited light from multiple LD's into a single fiber.

        (2) resonator part is to use self-excited photosynthetic beam excited light transmission to double coating fiber (optical fiber) figure 2 illustrated. The excitation light excitation Yb, FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating) for amplification. The FBG has high reflectivity lenses and low reflectivity lenses, and the laser vibrates from the low reflectivity lenses.

        (3) The three parts of the beam transmission part are optical fibers that connect the laser emitted from the resonator part with the processing head or optical coupler.

        4.High output of fiber laser

        The  fiber transmission combines multiple roots in the output light junction (the output photosynthetic beam apparatus) to achieve high output. For example, combine four 1kW to form 4kW, and combine six 1KW to form 6KW.

        5.The advantages of fiber laser

        Fiber lasers have many advantages over previous solid state lasers.

        Because the output from the optical fiber, high beam quality (excellent set light), can be efficient in the optical fiber amplifier, optical fiber laser as well as small and light, therefore, the electric - light conversion efficiency is high, convenient setting, low power consumption), the use of high output and high reliability of the semiconductor laser as the excitation light source, and achieving the high output optical fiber laser and high reliability, long life, all is composed of optical fiber, no lens, so don't worry be stained with dust and optical axis, does not require frequent maintenance (maintenance). Due to the above advantages, fiber laser marking, fine processing, welding, cutting, measurement and other industries are rapidly popular.



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