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        Three basic points before purchase fiber laser cutting machine

        01, 2020

        by tianchen01

        Three basic points before purchase fiber laser cutting machine

        (1) The benefits of laser cutting machine

        Various different CNC machine tools exist for cutting sheet metal. The most important techniques are plasma, water jet or laser. Each different technique brings its own specific advantages depending on the application. When it comes to cutting sculptured contours and precise shapes however, laser cutting offers the best solution. It also provides a good alternative to milling.


        (2) Efficient high speed metal cutting

        Fiber laser cutting is the fastest way to separate thin sheet metal. Particularly suitable for applications that do not demand the highest surface quality on cut edges, it can be used to cut anything from thin to medium grade materials.


        (3) Get the right advice

        When deciding on a laser, good support in the form of specialist advice and know how is indispensible. What about incorporating a laser into your machine? Does it come with the right machining software and meet all your cutting requirements across a wide range of materials? And what about setting up and calibrating it? 


        If you are starting your work on laser, please believe that Tianchen Laser Division, we are different from other manufacturers, We have 25 years of machining experience, we only do fiber laser cutting machine.We will offer our best solution for your own situation.


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