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        Laser cutting machine typesetting six matters needing attention

        08, 2019

        by Tianchen

        Before using Tianchen laser cutting machine, we will make the drawings into the program, and then use the typesetting software to arrange the graphics on a board, so that the Tianchen laser cutting machine can batch processing of products. Among them, although the typesetting process is very short, there is a lot of knowledge hidden in it. Any mistake in typesetting will have a great impact on the cutting effect of the whole board. The following to give you a list of six points to pay attention to typesetting.

        1. The corner to melt

        When cutting corners in sheet steel, the laser can overheat and melt the corners. A small radius is generated at the corner to maintain laser high speed cutting, avoiding overheating and melting of steel plates during corner cutting, thus obtaining good cutting quality, reducing cutting time and improving productivity.


        2. Parts spacing

        In general, when cutting thick plate and hot plate, the distance between parts should be large, because the heat of thick plate and hot plate has a large impact, when cutting corners and small graphics, it is easy to burn edges, affecting the cutting quality.


        3. Leader Settings

        In the process of cutting thick plate, in order to make the slot connection well, prevent the beginning and the end burns, often at the start and end a cutting each lead a period of transition line, known as the lead and tail line respectively. Lead and line of the work piece itself is useless, so want to arrange in the work piece, at the same time, pay attention to not set the lead at the Angle of not easy heat dissipation. As far as possible, the connection between the lead and the slot should adopt the arc transition to make the machine move smoothly and avoid the burn caused by the corner stop.


        4. Common line cutting

        Two or more parts common edge into a combination, the rule of large quantities of graphics as far as possible common edge, common edge cutting can greatly shorten the cutting time, but also save raw materials.

        5. Parts collision

        In order to maximize production efficiency, many laser cutting devices operate continuously for 24 hours, and use unmanned automatic loading/unloading devices to bump into the overturning parts after cutting, resulting in damage of cutting head and production interruption, thus bringing great losses.

        This requires attention when sorting:

        (1)Choose the appropriate cutting path, bypass has been cut parts, reduce the collision.

        (2)Choose the best cutting route, reduce the cutting time.

        (3)automatic or manual many small parts with micro connection together, after cutting, remove the parts, can easily disconnect the micro connection.

        6. The remaining material

        After cutting parts, laser cutting equipment worktable skeleton material needs to be removed as soon as possible, in order to facilitate the subsequent cutting operations. For the laser cutting equipment without automatic unloading device, the skeletal residual material can be cut into small pieces to facilitate rapid removal. In this way, the operator can avoid the personal injury caused by moving the heavy and sharp edge materials.


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