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        Influence of laser cutting machine's optimal speed on cutting quality

        06, 2020

        by tianchen01

        Influence of laser cutting machine's optimal speed on cutting quality

        How to cut the board with high quality effect, how to pass some very demanding requirements.

        Today, let's talk about how to choose the most suitable speed to cut out high-quality materials.

        The power of the laser will affect the speed of the laser equipment cutting the plate, and the cutting speed of the laser equipment will affect the cutting quality of the plate. Under the condition of a certain laser power, there is an optimal cutting speed range. If the speed is too fast or too slow, it will affect the flatness of the surface of the cutting material.


        fast speed cutting effect

        太慢.pngslow speed cutting effect
        合理.pngReasonable speed cutting effect

        Cutting speed is too fast

        1. The laser beam and the material are in contact with each other for a short time,

        which may result in the inability to cut and sparks.

        2. Some areas can be cut, but some areas cannot.

        3. Causes the entire cutting section to delaminate.

        4. As a result, the board cannot be cut in time, 

        the cutting section shows a diagonal stripe road, 

        and the lower part of the melting spot is generated, 

        as shown in the following figure.

        Cutting speed is too slow

        1. The time of interaction between the material and the laser increases, 

        resulting in over-melting of the cutting plate, and the cutting section is rough.

        2. The slit will widen accordingly, causing over-burning in the smaller rounded or sharp corners, 

        and the ideal cutting effect cannot be obtained.

        3. The cutting efficiency is low, which affects the production capacity.

        Judging method of cutting speed

        1. The cutting speed is reasonable: the cutting sparks spread from top to bottom, 

        the cutting surface is stable, and there is no molten slag in the lower part;

        2. The cutting speed is too fast: the cutting spark is inclined;

        3. The cutting speed is too slow: the cutting sparks are non-diffusive and few, condensing together.

        太快1.pngThe spark tilting speed is too fast
        太慢1.pngThe spark does not spread too slowly
        正常.pngThe speed of spark spreading from top to bottom is reasonable

        fiber laser cutter (3).jpg

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