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        Highly reflective material actual processing test case

        01, 2020

        by tianchen01

        Highly reflective material actual processing test case

        With the development of technology, the obstacles to the processing of highly reflective materials are getting smaller and smaller.


        Brass and aluminum have high reflectivity and low absorption rate for laser, and require high power to melt the material. Furthermore, it is necessary to equip a reflective absorption device so that uneven linear waves are not reflected back to the lens to protect the safety of the laser. Requires nitrogen cutting.

        Aluminum has a low melting point, and can be cut by oxygen with a thickness of less than 3mm, but its quality is not so good, and its burrs are hard and broken. 

        The cut surface with nitrogen is smooth, and the effect of no burr can be obtained with a thickness of 4 mm or less. 

        Aluminum has a large viscosity and thermal conductivity, and the melt may be cooled before it can be blown away, so it is prone to burrs. 

        By adjusting the focus, increasing the air pressure, and reducing the speed to reduce the surface roughness value, to ensure that burrs can be easily removed.

        Just today, we did a test for the customer, cut 3mm copper plate, please see the final effect as following:


        By the way, we have detailed processing videos and would be happy to share with you.

        Please leave a message, our staff will send you the video as soon as possible.


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