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        Change the world's view of Made in China —— Tianchen laser trip to Russia

        01, 2020

        by tianchen01

        Change the world's view of Made in China —— Tianchen laser trip to Russia

        The quality of laser cutters made in China is mixed. There are some small workshops. These workshops have only one or two persons from production to sales and offer poor quality and low service levels.

        At the same time, there are some excellent manufacturers too, who have evolved to high quality and new design. They have their own design teams that continue to improve and develop their machines, get more advanced features, build a brand and offer superior quality products.

        So, choosing a reliable manufacturer is very important.

        Should I buy a laser cutter from China or Local?  How to choose the laser cutter that is the most affordable as well as of the highest quality needed for one's business requirements. 

        Not long ago, Tianchen Laser gave you a perfect answer with their actual actions.

        Tianchen Laser has just sent a machine to Russia, we are happy to share this pleasant process for you:

        (1) Reliable quality

        Due to shipping size restrictions, we had to remove the protective screen.

        tu 1.jpg

        It is easy to see from those photos that Tianchen Machine has a solid machining foundation. Rome was not built in a day. With 25 years of machining experience,the quality of Tianchen Laser is very reliable.

        (2) Comprehensive training

        We have a professional after-sales team that trains customers on how to install and commission the machine from one step to another.Our customer quickly grasped the essentials, from a novice to an expert!

        tu 2.jpg

        (3) Powerful brand

        Thanks to our customers for their full cooperation and the professionalism of Tianchen engineers. 

        Our fiber laser cutting machine TC-P model runs perfectly and competes with the machines of the international famous brand (TRUMPF)

        tu 3.jpg

        Tianchen Laser relies on its efforts and focus to gradually change the world's view of Made in China!

        (4) Customer feedback

        Can the laser cutter work continuously for 24 hours?

        The quality of the machine, the proficiency of the worker, and the quality of the consumables directly determin whether the machine can work continuously for a long time. 

        Whether it is able to work 24 hours a day without interruption, and the machine runs well, and the accuracy does not change, is the simplest standard for testing the quality of a machine.

        Can the laser cutter work continuously for 24 hours? Let customers tell you:


        Ваш станок работает 24 часа в сутки, детали которые на видео вырезаны за 12 часов, можете давать мои Контакты будущим вашим покупателям в России я дам хорошие рекомендации

        Translate:Your machine works 24 hours a day, details that are cut out in a video in 12 hours, you can give my Contacts to your future customers in Russia, I will give good recommendations

        Please check the following video:



        Laser power6000W-20000W(optional)
        Working area(L*W)3000*1500mm4000*2000mm6000*2000mm6000*2500mm
        Max Acceleration1.4G
        Max moving speed140m/min
        Position accuracy0.03mm
        Repeat positional accuracy0.02mm

        If you want to get the same machine,or a better one.Please contact us or leave a message to us quickly, we will let you enjoy this service as soon as possible !


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