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        As a wise customer,how to buy a laser cutting machine

        01, 2020

        by tianchen01

        As a wise customer,how to buy a laser cutting machine

        As the popularity of fiber laser cutting machine is getting higher and higher, I believe that many customers find it difficult to choose the machine. Today, we will talk about how to choose the machine.

        When you decide to buy a machine, the first you should consider is not price.

        (1)First confirm if this machine can satisfy your requests or not.

        Then how to know if this machine can satisfy your work? It is easy. Tell suppliers, you can tell 4-5 suppliers and ask them to make samples according to your request. After checked their samples, pass 2-3 suppliers. Continue to talk with the better suppliers.

        If you need special machine for your production line, so first you need check if this company has such experience before. Better let them provide you the successful cases.


        (2) Try to know more information about machines, different specification, different price. It is not necessary to choose the best specification, just the spec can satisfy your work. Then it will be enough.

        (3)Negotiation,In this step, you must pay attention to specification. Because some suppliers will change the specification if you ask very very lower price. So you'd better tell them basis on same specification, what price they can offer you?

        (4)Focus on company size.Fiber laser machine, the value is very high, we recommend that you can actually visit the factory to make a final decision.Do not believe the propaganda text or picture landscaping.

        Our Tianchen owns the top machine equipment industry, including CNC flexible machining center, CNC machine, large-scale milling machine and other equipment, with digital machining workshop, sheet metal welding workshop, sandblasting and shot blasting workshop. By completing the digital upgrade of production equipments, the manufacturing precision and processing capability are continuously improved from the hardware, ensuring the quality and precision of the key components of the product, thus ensuring the stability and non-differentiation of the whole product.

        If you are interested, please you may leave contact information, we will talk about it in detail.


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