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        Application of Tianchen Laser Technology in Automobile Manufacturing Industry

        06, 2019

        by Tianchen Laser

        Many parts inside and outside the car are laser welded, cut or marked. Through the following examples, we can learn about a variety of laser applications in the automotive industry.


        Drive system

        The drive axle housing is composed of formed steel plates. The laser beam welds the formed steel plate to the end of the drive axle where the complete machining operation has been completed. In this process, the laser produces a 12.5mm deep i-shaped weld in 17 seconds, without deformation and without further processing.


        Heat forming

        Advanced cars not only feature better driving performance and lower fuel consumption, but also meet the stringent requirements of the latest collision standards. This is achieved primarily through the use of ultra-high strength steel plates in the cockpit, such as thermally formed martensitic stainless steel 22MnB5.In the whole process of die quenching, laser can show many excellent properties: coating wear-resistant coating on forming and cutting tools, flexibly cutting parts, connecting components by laser welding and marking parts to achieve traceability.


        Car body

        Laser welds, for example, appear on the roof, side panels, and floor. High strength, fine and perfect performance, so that these welds can be painted without further processing.

        Operating elements

        Speedometers, tachometers, window lifters, radio buttons, protective covers for navigation systems or shifters in automatic transmissions are laser-labeled. These operating elements are made of clear plastic and are coated with one or two coats of paint, such as black or silver. The laser strips away the top paint to create the mark. During the day, the contrast between the plastic and the finish makes it easy to see the mark. At night, the light-emitting diodes behind these operating elements illuminate the markers.


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