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        2019 Shanghai Industry Expo

        09, 2019

        by tianchen laser

        2019 Shanghai Industry Expo "Hot" Opening ? Tianchen Laser Show in Important Position

        The 21st China international industrial exposition is held today at the Shanghai national convention and exhibition center. As the most influential international industrial brand exhibition of China's equipment manufacturing industry, the expo is an important window for China's industrial area to the world and a platform for economic and trade exchanges and cooperation.

        Expo started, Tianchen laser bring the latest New machines show in the important position, shock all the participants and visitors.





        4.1H B060


        In this industry expo, the total booth area of Tianchen laser exceeds 400 m2. So let’s see Tianchen laser special show!


        1.12000W full cover laser cutting machine with exchange cutting tables


        TC-P6020 full cover laser cutting machine with exchange cutting tables adopts all enclosed design, which is safe and protect environment, it can prevent people from being hurt by laser radiation. High speed parallel exchange cutting tables, stable and reliable, changing time can be completed within 7 seconds, it can improve production efficiency. We also add intelligent monitoring system to track the cutting state in real time and reduce the accident rate.

        2.Sheet CNC fiber laser cutting machine


        TC-F4020 open laser cutting machine adopts partition design, which facilitates the maintenance of electrical components. Increase the partition dust removal function, and make the dust removal protection design more rigorous, so that the air exhaust volume does not leak out, and increase the dust removal effect. Improve the automatic lubrication system, add gear and screw lubrication components based on guide rail lubrication, provide lubricating oil regularly and quantitatively, it extend the service life of machine


        3.Professional Automatic Pipe  Laser Cutting Machine


        TC-T220 pipe laser cutting machine adopts double pneumatic chuck, imported high precision reducer, gear rack and linear guide rail, smooth transmission, fast speed, high precision, and stable performance. We add servo system, automatic edge finding system, cutting efficiency is higher and more professional. This machine can cut round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, oval pipe and other pipe cutting, open hole, contour cutting, it can be used in construction, food, decoration, advertising, sporting and other area, it is a wide range of application, high degree of automation, high efficiency of the special pipe cutting equipment.

        4.Tower type automatic sheet stock


        TC-SL3015 tower type automatic sheet stock can apply to compact storage solution for sheet and flat goods

        Dynamic warehouse management system is simple, intuitive, fast, safe, ergonomic, innovative, and advanced industrial design, it can improve the productivity of connected equipment.



        We have the most professional group to guide you!





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