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        Partition dust removal system

        Laser Parts advantage

        Independent R&D of forced cooling way, remove the dust for each processing area separately. Simple structure, good effect in sealing exhausting, low energy consumption, improve the dust removal effect in this area, workpiece much better, and also solved the environment pollution, and bring effective protection for operators and machine.

        What's the problem if the fiber machine without the partition dust removal system?

        1. When cutting, there will have much smoke and dust, it is easy to adhere to the laser head, Z axis ball screw and rail and rack, so it will influence the cutting accuracy. And if the dust enter the laser head and adhere to the lens, it is easy burn the lens.

        2. When cutting, there will have much smoke and dust, it will influence the cutting surface. 

        3. With out of the partition dust removal system, after long time, there will have much scrap iron in the machine, influent the machine using life. 

        4. It will effect operator's health.