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        Water chiller

        Laser Features

        Tongfei Water Chiller
        High-performance water-cooling unit is laser cutting equipment, high-quality titanium evaporator tube (stainless steel plate evaporator is non-standard product), circulating multi-stage pump and stainless steel material; obtained by using filter and thermal expansion valve High quality, high efficiency, low noise performance; Turbine flow standard switch can be used to control the temperature of the laser cooling water.

        Sanhe Tongfei Refrigeration Co., Ltd, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, manufacturing, sales and service. Tongfei has a research and develoment team of more than 80 people, a national-level dedicated laboratory for product performance testing, and is equipped with a series of anvanced measuring instruments and meters. It is the benchmark enterprise with the most professional, technical strength and manufacturing strength in China's industrial refrigeration industry. With multiple after-sales offices at home and abroad, the products are more reliable and reliable.