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        Welcome to Tianchen laser


        Who we are?

        Tianchen machinery group was founded in 1995 with the solid capital strength, strong technical force, perfect management mechanism and good reputation. It is one of the laser machine manufacturers in China.  Tianchen has Tianchen Laser Machine, Tianchen Aluminum Machine and other subsidiaries.  We have a wide range of production base, has the workshop, processing workshop, welding workshop, painting workshop, assembly workshop, and inspection workshop; At the same time we build a modern technology center and a scientific research team.

        As a powerful Chinese brand, "Meticulous worry-free, strive to make customers satisfied and even touched", this is the premise and ultimate purpose of all our work. Satisfaction starts from solving problems, and affection comes from every detail.

        Tianchen has powerful parts processing and manufacturing capabilities in the industry. We built dozens of large-scale processing equipment, CNC machining centers and laser collimators, laser interferometers, ballbars and other high-precision processing equipment and testing equipment. And we also adopt original imported accessories, and learn from the advantages of international equipment technology. We adhere to independent and continuous innovation, improve manufacturing levels, so that won the unanimous recognition of the market and customers.


        What we do?

        Craftsman's heart, inherits the spirit of Tianchen;
        Extreme innovation, foresees the future of laser.


        We are guided by international advanced technology. Professional  R&D personnel based on science and technology, focusing on the research and development of laser technology; professional industrial design teams, focusing on discovering the beauty of science and technology.

        We have a professional technology R&D team and adhere to give comprehensive technical support for each equipment with rigorous work flow and quality testing standards. Tianchen Laser will always under the guidance of "endless struggle, endless innovation" as the enterprise belief, adhering to the technical concept of "continuous improvement, continuous efficient", ensuring that every link is excellent, every link is responsible to people from the technology research to equipment manufacturing to serve the market and customers with rigorous and efficient way.

        What our advantage is

        Global supplier of high precision laser equipment.

        1. We have multiple processing workshops and strictly control the precision of each component to ensure the high precision of equipment operation.

        2. With strong strength, we invests a large amount of capital in the research and development and design of equipment.

        3. More than 20 years of industrial research and development and production experience, strict control of production, attach importance to customer demand, and strive to make customers satisfied or even moved.

        What Our Customer Say About Us